Ivan Espinosa is an experimental theater artist based in New York City.

Primarily inspired by eco-poetics, Deep Ecology, and Japanese Butoh dance, Ivan’s work explores how the intelligence, interconnectedness, and consciousness of the Earth can be manifested and experienced on stage.

“Ivan is a deeply passionate performer who is fully committed to an open, honest investigation of the mess of being a human being, the mess of the body.”

— David Wolach, M.A. (Columbia University)

“Ivan is a barer of great and devastating stories longing to be told from around the world…

he performs with a bleeding heart pouring out of his hands, with a soulful presence, and a body in motion that both inspires and liberates.”

— Maria Flegas, M.F.A. (Naropa University)

“Your performance tonight was intense, magnificent, a ruby shattered into emeralds, each emerald shattered into diamonds, each diamond a gash in God’s flesh. I cried, I gasped, I smiled, I felt such insights that could not be put into words, only into bodies. Your work proves that every human cry is heard, and every wound is bathed in the light of compassion.”

— Fred LaMotte (Princeton Theological Seminary)

“Ivan’s work is beautiful, transformational living art,

a monastery of dance theater that awakens both dancer and audience, liberating the collective suffering that’s politely disguised as socially acceptable political and social norms.”

— Catherine Swan, B.F.A. (University of Texas)