Ivan has taught creative and improvisational dance work shops to small groups at a wide variety of settings including yoga studios, artistic retreats, college dance departments, and outdoor festivals. These workshops are sourced from his own unique blend of movement studies developed over nearly a decade of embodied practice and exploration.

If you are interested in bringing Ivan to your event, group, or community to teach a workshop, send an e-mail with your ideas to —  ide207@nyu.edu


The aesthetics and choreography of most of Ivan’s stage performances is highly influenced and informed by his study of Butoh, an avant-garde dance form that originated in Japan in the 1950’s.  This informs his teaching approach in workshops as well.  Ivan has trained with a wide variety of Butoh artists including SANKAI JUKU, the longest-standing and most renown Japanese Butoh ensemble, recognized internationally for their spectacular and theatrically explosive dance performances.  Ivan first began his intensive study of Butoh in Seattle with formative teachers Sheri Brown and Diego Piñón, both of whom continue to be artistic mentors to this day.

In addition to his core study of Butoh, Ivan has over 8 years of improvisational dance experience that further informs his approach. He’s taken workshops with a wide variety of movement teachers including contact improvisation with veterans Nancy Stark Smith and Karen Nelson and “The Silent Language of The Body” with Bruce Carloye and Pablo Bobbio.

Ivan currently offers TWO different kinds of workshops to the public:

Re-Perceive/Re-Imagine: A Surreal Approach to Embodiment & Presence

— This workshop explores what it means to be moved through deep listening to and the creative guidance of surreal imagery. What happens when we attempt to let go of our usual ways of walking through the world, to manifest abstract shapes and surrender to the richness of dreams and the imagination?  The exercises in this workshop are rooted in some of the fundamental elements of Japanese Butoh: slow motion, surreal poetry, and minimalism.  Through the pretext of Butoh, we will practice tuning into our body’s many subtle and surreal energies and experience “dancing” through familiar and new spaces completely re-perceived and re-imagined.  We will practice both playfulness as well as pushing ourselves to our edge.  We will hone our embodiment and observation, bearing witness to each other’s discoveries.  In addition to artists and performers, creative and curious people from all walks of life are welcome including those with little or no previous dance experience.

 TENDER TERRAIN: Being and Becoming the Earth in an Other-Than-Human World

— This workshop, inspired by eco-poetics and eco-somatics, explores how embodying highly sensuous, gradually unfolding Earth imagery can impact the way we interact with the world and the lands that we walk on.  This is designed for individuals who desire to deeply explore the inherent wilderness of our physical senses and experience what happens when we fully surrender to and allow our bodies to be transformed by non-human Nature imagery.  Most of the explorations in this workshop are long-form movement meditation exercises derived from Japanese Butoh. In Butoh, we practice training our sensitivities and perceptions so that we are more receptive to the landscape we inhabit, resulting in alternative ways to address sense perception, our relationship to natural habitats, and the physics and nuances of human movement.  Individually and as a group, workshop participants will be challenged to experience the world and all its living landscapes and inhabitants through preverbal, animistic, other-than-human modes of perception…to physically immerse and wake up to and Earth that speaks.


“I can still  remember my first class with Ivan from many years ago. My eyes were closed as I embodied the seed of the flower surging up from the ground. The earth cracked like a wet soiled egg. Green fingers emerged. It was springtime but my stem was awkward and stiff, for I had suppressed my soul in the confinements of my body. But as the petals began to unfold from my face, I knew that this was how I would reclaim my spirit…

In the classes with Ivan, I feel my soul speaking, moving, shifting and kicking in my stomach, tired of being hidden and ready to be born. And more and more my body follows. I can feel my heart expanding. These classes have helped me truly feel my connection with the earth, people, and the universe as a whole.”

— Katie Zundel, intersubjective meditation facilitator


 “The workshops that Ivan taught during my time at Evergreen played a profound role in my life. In these Butoh classes and workshops, I was able to dive deeper inside myself than ever before through dance. Ivan provides students with a safe, encouraging, experimental space to explore and process the full spectrum of human experience and emotion, through the body. Every time I left a class with Ivan, I left feeling lighter and clearer than when I entered the space. I know that this is a direct result of the healing that Ivan facilitates with embodied arts, authentic expression, and movement.”

— Ashley Wilton, former coordinator of The Evergreen College Dance Cooperative

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